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I'm a 27 years old developer, I have been coding for more than a decade, but I have focused in Android Development for the past 5 years. Here you will find all my projects, ideas, thoughts. Basically everything I made with <3.

Working Remotely

Many people tell me all the time how lucky I am because I work from home, and I always answer the same: You have no clue.

I have been working remotely for about 3 years now. Working from your own place is no joke, you have more distractions than in any other place you can imagine, you have no eyes on your back watching what you are actually doing and you are literally 3 seconds away from your couch or bed.

Basically, you fight with yourself constantly, you have to work, but your environment is way to tentative, until you learn how to manage yourself.

Not everyone was born to be a boss, people don’t like to manage people, they just don’t like it, well, let me tell you that managing yourself is way worse, because you cheat on yourself, and you know it, and you allow it.

From my experience, in order to be successful working remotely or from home, you need to stick to 3 key things:

  • Discipline: Something you HAVE to learn in order to last working remotely. You have to be disciplined, the more disciplined you are, more stuff you get done, you feel better, and I bet you have more free time at the end of the day, because you did the right thing, and what was expected from you to do, in time. Once you feel you are behind the wheel with tasks just because you weren’t disciplined enough, you won’t want to be there again, I promise.
  • Regular environment change and social interaction: This is quite important, you need to do something different than just work and continue doing stuff on your computer, doesn’t really matter if they are side projects, you need to get out there and get some fresh air and change your environment. You will notice how much this impacts your daily routine, when you are at home and you feel you have to work anyway. Also, you won’t have work partners to talk and laugh about stuff, you will be alone, so work your social skills, go to the gym, meet new people, be always communicative and available, be as social as possible every single day, your brain will need it.
  • Delayed gratification: This is key to get things done, we are living in a world of instant gratification, we can have whatever we want in record time, and you are at home, so imagine how hard it is, to focus on work when you can have a quick PlayStation match, watch some series in Netflix, or take a ‘quick’ nap that lasts 2 hours because you don’t want to get up to work. Delay the gratification, and earn it.

Not much to add, this was written from my own experience, I hope I can help someone out there to become a better remote professional.


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