Federico Pintaluba
I'm a 28 years old developer, I have been coding for more than a decade, but I have focused in Android Development for about 7 years, and in Flutter for the past 2 years. Here you will find all my projects, ideas, thoughts. Basically everything I made with <3.

Why I enrolled in Android Developer Nanodegree?

Today, I enrolled in Android Developer Nanodegree by Udacity and Google.

First of all, there is ALWAYS room for improvement in everything we do in life, when it comes to what I love to do, and what I actually do for a living every day, I want to be the best (or at least a very high talented professional in the Android industry).

I’m a self-taught programmer, I have been coding since I was 15 years old, and my pasion never went away. It came the opportunity to learn about Android development about 5 years ago and from that time I never looked back, each time I learnt a new thing, there was something even harder and exciting to learn next.

Based on many articles, the Android Developer Nanodegree is the most complete course for Android Engineers to complete their path to totally understand how the whole Android system works, best practices, code smells, and everything you think you know, but nobody actually can say if you know it all or not. Also it comes with a Google Certificate at completion, which is a high plus.

I will be updating my journey here, this course is estimated to be completed in 6 months, by it’s on-your-own-pace course, since I will try to do it as fast as possible, making every penny count, since is not cheap at all (~$2000 USD).

So, talk soon when I start getting my feet wet into it!

Have a great week start!


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