Federico Pintaluba
I'm a 27 years old developer, I have been coding for more than a decade, but I have focused in Android Development for the past 5 years. Here you will find all my projects, ideas, thoughts. Basically everything I made with <3.

HackerRank: 30 days of challenges!

I’m starting a new 30 day challenge of solving a HackerRank code challenges each day starting from today, for 30 days in a row. I will use Kotlin for this.

I will list the code challenges and the solutions I came up with in the following list, and adding them as soon as I make them.

Day 1: Sock Merchant

Day 2: Counting Valleys

Day 3: Jumping on the Clouds

Day 4: Repeated String (O(n) approach)

Day 5: Equalize the Array

Day 6: Grading Students

Please, if you have a clever/optimized solution, don’t hesitate on commenting on the challenge post!