Federico Pintaluba
I'm a 27 years old developer, I have been coding for more than a decade, but I have focused in Android Development for the past 5 years. Here you will find all my projects, ideas, thoughts. Basically everything I made with <3.

Dreamland: Open-source text-based RPG

Dreamland preview

I started a personal project in my free time called Dreamland, it’s a pretty basic text-based RPG, what it means is that there is no character and enemies drawing at all, all is text and it’s a great practice for game developers since it has a lot of features regular RPG has, just withtout the rendering/physics side.

My plan is to start small and upgrade the game as soon as I can in my free time.

You can see the public repository here: https://github.com/pintalubaf/dreamland

As for now, the game is not finished and it’s on version 0.1, check out the features in the repo!

Talk soon when I upload 0.2 with new exciting stuff.


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