Federico Pintaluba
I'm a 27 years old developer, I have been coding for more than a decade, but I have focused in Android Development for the past 5 years. Here you will find all my projects, ideas, thoughts. Basically everything I made with <3.

About me

What you see is my home office.

When did it all start?

It started actually more than 10 years ago, I remember I stared for hours on a guy coding inventory systems for my parents small business. I lived in a very small town and this guy was the go-to developer when it came to this custom built software.

I remember I asked him what can I start reading about, or where can I search for more information about “programming”. He told me, learn C++, and I went straight to a C++ course there was online, and I remember I didn’t understand A THING, and I kinda give up.

About a year later, I started using RPG Maker, a tool to build your own RPG game just by dragging and dropping tiles, and creating conditionals. I found a great passion building video games at that time. This tool had a “hidden” feature, well not that hidden, but was what pros were able to do: the scripting system. You could create scripts that would completely change how the default game looked, menu, battle system, you name it.

So I started learning about this, I learnt Ruby, RGSS2 and started to build my own scripts. It felt like playing god, literally everyone in the forums respected coders because they understood this hard skill and they could build whatever they want. Also, we shared this scripts for free, and they were used in tons of projects, which made us felt great!

Later on, I started coding in Python and PyGame, and made a couple of games. In high school, I finally learnt C++ and understood a lot more. I got fascinated by it, and started coding small stuff in OpenGL and SDL, this was a never ending passion.

You need to make money, son.

Oh! Making games was fun, but there were no positions at all for game development at all, I had to face to another direction, if I want to make a living coding.

I started as a QA/Tester in a big known company, worked about a year or so and then moved to a biometrics technology startup which made software to manage workers working hours, we were using Visual Basic .NET at that time, and was great to build a Windows-based software with an external SDK to manage this weird made-in-china hardware.

After about a year and a half there, I moved to a game development startup (finally!), we were using Unity for mobile games, and at some point they went broke, games didn’t work at all for them, so they asked me if I wanted to learn Android development, they will be heading to the android apps market in the next couple of months and they would love to have me, even if I had to learn it all. Making games for a living wasn’t really fun, so I took another direction and decided to learn Android development and start making apps for them. This was the greatest decision I ever made!

The ever changing Android system

Since then, I never stopped coding and learning about the Android system, software development cycle, architecture, and of course, Java (and lastly Kotlin). I have dived deep into best practices, most used third-party libraries, design patterns, jetpack components, and read a LOT of code to understand how things have to be made.

This is more than a passion, is my expertise area, is where I stand out. I improve my skills everyday and everyday there is (and always be) something new to learn and somewhere to improve.

Thank you for reading!